merseyside massage


try a hot stone massage,the benefits of a hot stone massage are endless.basalt stones contain iron, and will retain heat, that can be used to relieve stress, and tension in muscles, and enhance circulation. the heat from the stones relaxes muscles, and increases the blood flow to the area being worked on, which is said to further accelerates the healing process. this increase in circulation, and the relaxation of the muscles is also claimed to aid in mental relaxation.tantric massage is a whole new experience, and will take you into a whole new feeling of body, and tantric is used alongside swedish, and stones to create for you a feeling of floating away.i have the power to tune you in to my body, mind, soul, senses,and will have you feeling fantastic.bali music, soft towels, soft hands, warm scented oils, candles, peace, serenity..........heaven.swedish massage is a soft, sensual massage that will help with sports ,injuries tennis elbows, frozen shoulder, etc,it can be tailored to suit your needs. ,reverse massage, a touchy, feely, more involved massage,a sensual oily massage, that will involve your therapist getting massaged too.


sindi, fully qualified holistic therapist

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